About us

The main activity of CURTIDOS J. VAZQUEZ S.A. is the trading and distribution of all kind of finished leather for shoes and bags, not only in Spain but also all over the world. The main branch is located in Zaragoza and there are seven more branches around spain: AlmansaArnedoCiudadelaElche, IlluecaInca and Villena, another two in Portugal and permanent offices in India and Hong-kong, where other branches will be opened shortly. With all this network we can be up-to-date about the current market situation on a daily basis and enables us to make compromises with our customers in a short, medium and long run. Not only do we offer our products, but we get involved with our customers as well, sharing their worries and having a mutual and total confidence relationship, which is our main aim.

The management and staff of the main branch is permanently in contact with all other branches, and meets them frequently in order to reinforce and support our agents’ work.

In Curtidos J. Vázquez S.A. we have always believed that good personal relationship is the base to manage good commercial relationship and giving this service is our main challenge.

All this allows us to have the most prestigious customers and suppliers all over the world.



He started supplying leather to the local industry in Zaragoza, and with a great effort and despite the difficult times, he managed to increase the business. From 1945 all footwear production areas in Spain were covered by opening new branches.

In the 70s, the international expansion began with the help of his son Fernando Vázquez Laguna, both in imports, being pioneers in Spain in the Indian and Pakistani markets, and in exports, mainly in France, Morocco, Portugal, India and Mexico. .

Jesús Vázquez Sánchez

Jesús Vázquez Sánchez

After 90 years we are present in the main leather industry markets all over the world, which gives us accurate and privileged information that we offer to our customers and suppliers.